DIY Fruity Coasters – An Easy Summer Craft

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Square feature image of two pineapple coasters and an orange slice coaster made from wood slices on a white wood background.

Make these fun and easy DIY coasters in two fruity designs for summer!

I love these cute coasters and they’re easy to make. They’re perfect for the patio, by the pool, or while grilling with a cool drink on top! Below are the supplies needed and all the details on how to make them!


Supplies used to make DIY Fruity coasters which include wood slices, a template, green thick felt, polyurethane, paint brushes, a hot glue gun, sharpie and acrylic paints.

How to Make DIY Fruity Coasters

STEP 1: Paint

To make the pineapple coaster, paint a wood slice with bright yellow acrylic paint. Then use a smaller paintbrush to paint brown zig-zag lines across the coaster. Last, add white highlights here and there to add a little dimension.

Closeup of two finished, hand painted pineapple and orange slice wood coasters.

For the orange slice coaster, paint your coaster orange and use a smaller paintbrush to paint white lines (crossing at the center like cutting a pizza) and around the edges. Paint a few teardrop shapes for seeds.

STEP 2: add a Protective Topcoat

Let the paint dry then coat your painted wood slices with Polyurethane to protect the paint layer from any water damage!

Photo coating hand painted pineapple and orange slice coaster made from wood slices with a polyurethane to protect the paint from water damage.


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STEP 3: cut The Felt Pieces

Use the template provided in the supplies list and cut out a leafy top on green thick felt for your pineapple coaster. And, use your wood slice to trace a piece of felt for the bottom of the orange coaster.

Photo of tracing the shape of a wood coaster, the orange slice with a black sharpie onto felt. This is to make a felt back for the coaster.
Cut felt backing for each coaster.

Trace and cut away any excess for the pineapple.

Tracing around the wood coaster with a black sharpie to cut away the excess felt.
Trim away the excess.

STEP 4: Glue The Felt Backing

Once the polyurethane has dried, hot glue each wood slice to its corresponding felt pieces.

Hot gluing the green felt to the back of the wood slice coaster pineapple and orange.
Photo of all of the coasters finished with felt glued to the back. I'm flipping one over to show the green felt on the back of an orange slice coaster.


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Vertical image to pin to your Pinterest craft boards showing finished fruit coaster. There is a pineapple coaster and orange slice. Both made by handpainting wood slices and adding felt for the backing and leaves of the pineapples. Free template at



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