Felt Strawberry Magnets – Free Template & Labels

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elt Strawberry Magnets feature image in container

I made these cute felt strawberry magnets over a few evenings while watching tv.

These adorable magnets make great for gifts. Send them to a friend who needs cheering up or make them to give as a thoughtful housewarming gift.

I was inspired to start making felt crafts when I found this great felt. Am I the only one who get excited over crafting supplies?

It’s thick and comes in a number of colors. I also received needles and a few spools of thread with the pack. Here’s a link to the Felt Pack I purchased if you’d like to check it out.

Download the strawberry template and printable labels below!

After making a few I noticed my stitches became more uniform. I used an over and under (blanket stitch) throughout.

These little guys came out so cute. It was fun adding different eyelashes to some and different smiles to others.

To finish I added peel and stick magnet to the back of each and put them in a berry box lined with a green checked square of fabric. I made and printed the label to finish the box.

Learn how to get started on this fun summer craft.

Supplies You’ll Need:

How to Make Felt Strawberry Magnets

Felt Strawberry Magnets - cut felt pieces needed, front and back red berry, front and back green top, pink cheeks and small black eyes.

STEP 1: Start by cutting out all of the felt pieces needed (template in supplies list above) – red berry front and back, two green tops, two pink cheeks and two small black eyes.

Felt Strawberry Magnets - use a light yellow thread to stitch the seeds on front and back of the red berry

STEP 2: Next use a light yellow thread to stitch seeds. I stitched them onto both the front and back sides. Don’t worry about how messy the stitches are on the wrong sides of the felt, that will be on the inside.

Stitch the strawberry felt eyes and cheeks on. Then use thread to stitch a mouth. Next stitch the green top to the front side and back of your berry

STEP 3: Next stitch on the felt eyes and cheeks. Then use black thread to make the mouth. Last, use matching green thread to stitch the green top onto both the front and back sides. Try to get them in the same place so the front and back line up when you stitch all the way around (see the next step).

Now sew the front of the strawberry to the back starting with the green top.

STEP 4: With the green top secured to the front and back side of the berry, begin sewing the whole thing together starting with the green top.

Sew the red body of the strawberry together, stuff  and stitch closed.

STEP 5: Finish by switching to matching red thread to stitch the strawberry body. Leave about an inch open and stuff before stitching closed.

STEP 6: Add magnet to the back and the label to the top of the container and you’re done.

Download a PDF of the Berry Container Labels if giving as a gift:

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