Birch Ribbon Wreath for Fall

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Square feature image of a finished Birch Ribbon Wreath on a rustic wood background.

Make this beautiful Birch Ribbon Wreath for Fall!

I made a few Halloween wreaths this year but I wanted to make a wreath that I could hang up for Thanksgiving.

I love the rustic look of birch and thought it would perfect for a fall wreath.

My first thought was to buy sheets of actual birch bark. After searching online, I found that many of the reviews said that sheets and rolls of real birch bark were brittle and hard to work with. My alternative was to use birch patterned ribbon.

I was quite happy when I got this ribbon in– it’s has nice color and a very realistic bark pattern. The exact brand that I bought is no longer in stock but here’s a link to similar roll of ribbon on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a beautiful Fall Wreath that’s easy and inexpensive to make, check out the easy how-tos below.


Fall Birch Ribbon Wreath - craft supplies used-min
  • A 14-inch foam wreath form
  • Twine
  • 2.5-inch wide x 10 yards birch or bark patterned wire ribbon
  • Fall floral picks, silk leaves, gourds, pinecones
  • Ring with bells (I found this at Dollar Tree but read below to learn how to make one)
  • Hot glue gun

How to Make a Birch Ribbon Wreath

To start, wrap the birch patterned wire ribbon evenly around the foam wreath form. I hot glued the beginning of the ribbon then cut and hot glued the end to the back of my wreath.

all Birch Ribbon Wreath - start by gluing ribbon to wreath form
Start by hot gluing the birch ribbon to the wreath.
Fall Birch Ribbon Wreath - wrap birch ribbon-min
Wrap the birch ribbon evenly around the wreath form.
Fall Birch Ribbon Wreath - hot glue end of birch ribbon-min
Hot glue the end of the birch ribbon to the back of the wreath.


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Last, tie the ring of bells on with twine. Then hot glue faux fall leave and other decorations on.

Fall Birch Ribbon Wreath - tie bells on-min
Use twine to tie bells on.

If you like the ring with bells you could easily make one by wrapping a shower curtain ring with twine and add a bow and some bells to get this same look.

Fall Birch Ribbon Wreath - hot glue leaves on-min
Hot glue leaves and fall decorations to the top of the wreath.


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This wreath is so much cuter than the picture and I can’t wait to hang it up!

Vertical image of a finished Birch Ribbon Wreath to save to Pinterest to come back to later.
If you love this easy DIY, Pin the image above to your Pinterest craft boards to come back to later!


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