15 Fall Tiered Tray Decor Ideas – Easy DIYs

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Square feature image showing four of the 15 Fall Tiered Tray Decor Ideas. Image shows a pumpkin candy jar, paintbrush scarecrow, wine cork frame and twine pumpkins.

Here are 15 awesome Fall Tiered Tray Decor Ideas that you can make with just a few craft supplies.

Learn how to decorate a tiered tray for Fall! Get the complete tutorials along with a list of supplies to make everything from fall including a cute mini paintbrush scarecrow to painted caramel pumpkin apples!

Fall Tiered Tray filled with faux caramel apples on the top tier, a diy hello fall cutting board sign on the bottom and white sugar and bowls on the center tier.

Before getting started, be sure to measure your tiered tray and adjust the size of these crafts to fit! Mine is large with 7-8 inches of space between tiers. Smaller trays may only have 4-5 inches.


Fall Tiered Tray Decor Ideas – How-to Video


1. Fall Mini Cutting Board Sign

Grab a small charcuterie board to make this cute Fall Mini Cutting Board sign. I found this mini-cutting board at Target for $5! It’s 5″ wide x 10″ tall and it came in this rich, dark wood color.

If you prefer lighter wood or need a smaller size, you can buy mini-cutting board blanks in craft stores or online, here are a few I found on Etsy and Mini Charcuterie Boards on Amazon.

Fall Mini Cutting Board featured on tiered tray, finished with beaded tassel.
Fall Mini Cutting Board Sign

To make the pumpkin, I painted a wood slice orange, glued on a green ribbon for a stem and free-hand painted vines. The wood cutout ‘hello fall’ came in a package of six fall sayings from Dollar Tree. If you can’t find wood cutouts, vinyl letters or letter stencils and acrylic paint would work too.

See the video above to see how we made this Fall Mini Cutting Board Sign.

2. Thumbtack Studded Pumpkins

Bling out foam pumpkins with metal thumbtacks. You can use spray paint or chalk paint mini foam pumpkins white (if needed). Next, push thumbtacks or decorative upholstery tacks into your pumpkin to create a design.

Experiment with different patterns to add a unique touch to your fall-tiered tray.

Photo of two white foam pumpkins decorated with gold thumbtacks placed on a tiered tray with greenery in the background.
Thumbtack Studded Pumpkins


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3. Wine Cork Frame

You’ll need about 30 wine corks (more or less depending on the size of your tiered tray) to make this free-standing picture frame. Just hot glue the corks together and add twine or ribbon to hold a photo or Fall message.

If you need a little inspiration, download, and print these Free Fall Printables.

See the video above for more detail on how to make a free-standing cork frame.

Frame made out of 30 wine corks with Happy Fall sign on front.
Wine Cork Frame

4. Pumpkin Candy Jar

To make a pumpkin candy jar, simply cut the top off of a small foam pumpkin and glue it to a mason jar lid (or a small salsa jar like I did here). Fill it with candy and add it to your fall tray or make a few to give as gifts!

See the video above for more details on how to make this cute pumpkin candy jar.

Pumpkin candy jar on tiered tray filled with candy corn and caramels.
DIY Pumpkin Candy Jar

5. Mini Fall Leaves Topiary

This fall leaves topiary is a mini version of a slightly larger topiary that I made for a table centerpiece. To give this smaller topiary a fall feel, I decided to wrap the Styrofoam base with pages from an old book.

Link to the full tutorial here –> Easy Fall Leaves Topiary

Photo of a mini topiary tree made with fall leaves. Shown sitting on a tiered tray.
Mini Fall Leaves Topiary

6. Paintbrush Scarecrow

Grab your hot glue gun and a few supplies to make this cute paintbrush scarecrow. Here I used a 2.5-inch chip brush from the hardware store, a 1-inch (flat-sided) wood bead for the nose, 2.5-inch wide burlap ribbon for the hat, and a little raffia for the hair.

The supplies above are just to let you know what I used. Feel free to use a larger or smaller brush and cut burlap into strips if you have larger pieces on hand.

See the video above to learn how to make a paintbrush scarecrow.

Scarecrow made out of a dollar paintbrush. Decorated with burlap for a hat with a sunflower at the top and half of a bead for a nose. Attached to a string of natural wood beads and photographed on a dark wood table.
Paintbrush Scarecrow


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7. Decorative Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples

Turn small foam pumpkins into cute caramel apples to display on your Fall Tiered Tray!

Check out the complete tutorial here –> How to Make Faux Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples

Faux Caramel Pumpkin Apples - Vertical feature image
Faux Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples

8. Thread Spool Garland in Fall Colors

Grab some old wood spools or buy a few new ones here to make this cute fall garland. I wrapped 1-inch thread spools with fall-colored yarn and added a few wood beads to make this fun garland.

Check out the video above to learn how to make Thread Spool Garland.

Thread spool garland made using mini thread spools and wood beads in fall colors. Photo on a dark wood background.
Thread Spool Garland

9. Birch Log Owl

I bought birch logs in the craft section at Walmart and used the largest log (in a set of three) to make this fun owl. The diameter of the log was about 3-1/2 inches.

To make an owl, cut a log down to size and angle the top. We used a chop saw but a miter box and hand-saw would work too. Next hot glue felt for the eyes, washers, and a felt beak and wings.

See the video above for more details on how I made this cute birch log owl.

Small owl crafted out of a birch log about 3-inches in diameter. Eyes are steel washers, beak and wings are brown and light brown felt.
Birch Log Owl

10. Ball of Twine Pumpkins

This Fall tiered tray DIY couldn’t be easier. Add a stick or cork for a stem to the center of a ball of twine and decorate with ribbon, or faux leaves to make these fun rustic pumpkins!

Two balls of twine are made into pumpkins by adding white ribbon and burlap cut into leaves with a cork for a stem.
Ball of Twine Pumpkins

11. Decorative Pinecone Acorns

Make a few pinecone acorns for your fall-tiered tray.

Check out the full tutorial here –> Rustic Acorn Craft for Fall.

Rustic Acorn Craft - feature image
Decorative Pinecone Acorns

12. Pumpkin Spice Sachets

Pumpkin spice-scented sachets only take a couple of minutes to make. They smell wonderful and make a great addition to any tiered tray.

Get the complete tutorial & free printable tags here –> How to Make Pumpkin Spice Sachets using Deco Mesh.

Pumpkin spice sachet, closeup shot on tiered tray. Pumpkin is mesh filled with potpourri and a cinnamon stick for the pumpkin stem. Shown sitting in a stack of small white bowls on a tiered tray.
Pumpkin Spice Sachet


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13. Mini Apple Crate

Pick up 1-inch-sized faux apples and a mini wood crate from Dollar Tree (or from the craft store) to make this easy fall decoration. I found mini apples at a local flea market but you can get them here on Amazon.

This adorable apple crate is the perfect size to use as a tiered tray decoration. Just paint or stain your crate (or leave it natural). Then add mini apples and a dollar store chalkboard sign to finish.

Vertical feature image of a mini apple crate painted white, filled with mini apples and a 'Apples 5 cents' chalkboard sign on the front.
Mini Apple Crate

14. Apple Orchard Mini Pillow

Stencil onto scrap fabric to make a cute pillow for your Fall Tiered Tray! If you have a Cricut Maker or another cutting machine you can make this cute pillow in just a few minutes. Get the art for this Fall pillow and three other holiday designs.

Get the free SVG Stencil files and check out the full tutorial here –> Farmhouse Mini Pillows for Your Tiered Tray – Free SVG Stencils.

Horizontal feature image of a U-Pick Orchard mini pillow that you can make for your tiered tray or fall decor.
U-Pick Orchard Mini Pillow

15. Wood Block Signs

Make beautiful wood signs like these for your tiered tray and holiday decor! Check out all of the free designs and make them for each holiday.

Link to the full tutorial and free SVG stencil files here –> DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs – Free SVG Files.

Photo of a decorated three tiered tray with four DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs with Leaf graphics and Happy Fall Signs.

Love these fall-tiered tray ideas? Leave a comment below and let me know which DIY you liked most!

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