How to Make Decorative Painted Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples

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Square feature image of faux caramel pumpkin apples with one held in the fore ground and two in a wood dough bowl in the back.

Make these cute decorative caramel ‘pumpkin’ apples to add to your fall decor or tiered tray!

I used Dollar Tree mini foam pumpkins for this DIY. I had a bunch of them and thought they would look cute with caramel and sprinkles.

These pumpkins are about 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall. You can buy small foam pumpkins pretty much anywhere and they come in an assortment of sizes and colors. I used orange and red pumpkins. Dollar Tree also had green ones which I think would look great here but they were all out when I went back 🙁

I also splurged and bought polymer clay sprinkles on Etsy. They look just like real cupcake sprinkles and come in lots of different shapes and colors!

Fall Tiered Tray filled with faux caramel apples on the top tier, a diy hello fall cutting board sign on the bottom and white sugar and bowls on the center tier.

You can also decorate your pumpkins with faux nuts. These are generally made from natural corn cob bedding that is used for small animals. Yup, dried and crushed corn cobs look just like chopped nuts. I couldn’t find a bag in stores near me. It would be sold in pet supply stores but you can also buy it here (on Amazon) or pick up a smaller bag sold as faux nuts here on Etsy.

Check out the video above to learn how to make decorative Caramel apple pumpkins and see the full tutorial below.


DIY Decorative Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples – Video



Supplies used to make Faux Caramel Pumpkin Apples - sticks, Mod Podge, caramel acrylic paint, small foam pumpkins and faux sprinkles.

How to Make Decorative Caramel ‘Pumpkin’ Apples


Start by removing the stem from your mini foam pumpkins. Then push a stick into the center of the pumpkin.

Sticks from outside added to 3 foam pumpkins to make faux caramel pumpkin apples.


Mix equal parts Gloss Mod Podge and Caramel color acrylic paint. Mod Podge adds thickness and acts as a glue to adhere faux sprinkles or faux chopped nuts.

When mixing, fold the caramel paint slowly into the Mod Podge. I whipped mine together and that caused a lot of bubbles. I couldn’t totally avoid bubbles but slowly mixing the paint into the Mod Podge helped.

Note: Mod Podge dries clear so it will not change the color of your paint.

Stick added to the center of one foam pumpkin to make faux caramel pumpkin apples.
Mix one part Gloss Mod Podge with one part Caramel color acrylic paint.


Use a paintbrush and apply a generous amount for a thick ‘caramel’ look! Try to use short brush strokes and drizzle a generous amount of paint starting at the top of the pumpkin. Check out the video above for more detail.

Caramel painted onto one faux caramel pumpkin apple.
Freshly painted pumpkin.


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Add polymer clay sprinkles to freshly painted pumpkins before the paint sets up. Let your pumpkins dry completely (about 24 hours) before displaying them.

Sprinkles added to painted foam pumpkins to make faux caramel pumpkin apples.
Sprinkles added to freshly painted pumpkin.


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Faux Caramel Pumpkin Apples - Vertical Pinterest Pin
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