10 Beautiful Spring Crafts to Make and Sell

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Square feature photo with photo snippets of 4 out of 10 beautiful spring crafts that you can make and sell.

Inexpensive spring crafts to make and sell!

Hi everyone, I’m sharing a few spring decor crafts that I made to decorate and sell in my antique store booth.

I like to have a mix of vintage and seasonal handmade items in my space and spring is by far one of my favorite times to get creative. It’s also a time when everyone is out shopping for unique items to decorate their home.

Whether you have an online store, an antique store booth like I do or you’re planning for a spring crafts show, I hope these DIYs and thrift-store upcycle ideas spark inspiration!

1. Welcome Floral Clipboard Sign

Add an old drawer handle to a clipboard to hold a bouquet of silk flowers to make a beautiful spring Welcome sign. I used a brass door knocker for my welcome sign at the top because I happened to have it in my bin of antique handles and bits.

You can stencil ‘welcome’ or even pick up a small sign from the dollar store for this DIY. If you’d like to learn how to make a vintage clipboard, check out my post –> How to Make Vintage-Style Clipboards.

Welcome sign made from a DIY clipboard with a brass welcome knocker hanging from the skeleton clip and an old brass handle holding a bouquet of peach, yellow and dark pink silk flowers.
Vintage Welcome Sign

2. Decorative Birdhouses

Pick up a few craft-wood birdhouses at Dollar Tree to decorate and sell! I decorated these with recycled greeting cards and glued dowels to them for perches. If you’d like to learn how to make these beautiful birdhouses, link here for the full tutorial –> Decorative Birdhouses – A Recycled Greeting Card Craft.

Horizontal photo of three finished and decorated birdhouse with greeting cards around them.
Floral Birdhouses

3. Repurposed Wooden Spindle Carrots

To make these adorable, decorative carrots, I used a mix of new spindles that I purchased on Amazon and a bunch that I salvaged from an old broken table.

I love how these vintage-inspired carrots came out and I can’t wait to sell them by the bunch in my booth! Check out the full tutorial and all the details on how to make them here –> DIY Repurposed Wooden Spindle Carrots.

Horizontal feature of a spindle carrot bundle on a blue book and a basket full on a vintage picnic basket and chair.
Wood Spindle Carrots

4. Spring Muffin Tin Wreath

Turn an old muffin tin into beautiful wall art!

This muffin tin DIY is an upcycle of an upcycle. In an earlier post, 37 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Kitchen Items, I used this old muffin tin to display painted Easter Eggs. Now that my kids are older and not into painting eggs, sigh 🙁 I decided to reuse the tin once again to make this adorable spring wreath.

Vertical feature photo of a muffin tin spring wreath with a porcelain birdhouse ornament hanging in the center.
Spring Muffin Tin Wreath

Since the muffin tin was already painted a light blue, all I needed to do was add a wreath that I made out of wire garland and a ribbon to hang it by. I bought the olive velvet ribbon here on Amazon and the miniature birdhouse ornament is one of two that I found at my local antique store.


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5. Paris In Spring

This Paris-inspired piece sold quickly in my antique store booth and it was really easy to make –just paint a wood cut out of the Eiffel Tower and a few silk flowers to the side. Below are more details.

Vertical feature photo of a finished eiffel tower wall hanging painted with a gold and aged blue patina and silk blush and white flowers displayed on a wood table.
Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging

To get this beautiful blue-green and bronze hue I used Metal Effect Patina and you can get the same wood cut out here on Amazon or in different sizes here on Etsy.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get an aged patina on almost anything, check out this tutorial –> Planter Upcycle With A Patina Finish.

6. Flower Market Window

I bought this old window at the antique store for just a few dollars. It was missing a pane of glass but I knew I could turn it into a beautiful spring decor piece. It sold in my antique booth in just a few days. Check out the full post for more details and ways to upcycle old windows –> 6 Creative DIY Projects to Repurpose Old Windows.

Photo of a six pane old window with Flower Market type at the top and a bucket of lilacs and hand painted flowers at the bottom.
Repurposed Flower Market Window

7. Mini Carrot Pillows

Make stenciled mini pillows to sell as a spring-tiered tray decoration. Download the free SVG stencil and check out three more holiday designs. Get the free downloadable stencil files and all the details here –> Farmhouse Mini Pillows for Your Tiered Tray – Free SVG Stencils.

8. Easter Egg Wreath DIY

Make this beautiful wreath with supplies from Dollar Tree. Get all of the details to make this beautiful wreath here –> Farmhouse-Style Easter Egg Wreath DIY.

Horizontal photo of a finished Farmhouse-Style Easter Egg Wreath with a light brown, decorative bow on top, white shiplap background.

9. Dollar Tree Bunny Topiaries

I spotted these cute moss bunnies and mini clay pots in the same aisle at Dollar Tree and knew I had to make topiaries out of them! The finished size is about 7 inches tall and they’re are the perfect size to use as a tiered tray decoration or on a shelf

To make a mini bunny topiary you’ll need mini moss bunnies about 3″ tall (link to similar bunnies here on Amazon), green floral moss, floral foam, 2.5 to 3-inch tall terracotta pots, sticks from outside, chalk paint (optional), a hot glue gun. For decorations, wrap leafy garland around the stem and hot glue a tassel or zig-zag ribbon to the top of the flower pot.

Photo of Dollar Tree supplies used to make miniature bunny topiaries.
Supplies used to make topiaries.

To make a topiary, start by painting your terracotta pot with a wash of white chalk paint (optional). Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside your pot. Push a stick into the bottom of your bunny and then into the foam of the flower pot. Use hot glue as needed. Finish by hot gluing floral moss to the inside of the flower pot to cover the foam base.

Vertical feature photo of three finished Miniature Bunny
Bunny Topiaries

10. Handmade Bird’s Nest Decoration

Make a handmade bird’s nest to decorate a spring wreath or pair it with a thrift store dish or pedestal bowl!

I made three to decorate and sell in my antique booth. If you’d like to learn how to make one, check out the full tutorial here –> Learn How To Make a Decorative Bird’s Nest.

Photo of a decorative birds nest perched in a metal green patina pedestal bowl.
DIY Bird’s Nest

11. Spring Ruler Box Magnets

Pick up a few yardsticks to make these adorable magnets.

Here I added Spring miniatures but you can also sell them as magnetic holders for small succulents or air plants! Get all the details on how to make them here –> How to Make Ruler Box Magnets.

Closeup photo of a ruler box magnet made from a vintage yardstick with ACME advertising on the front and filled with floral moss, a sprig of greenery, a side profile of a white flocked bunny with gray ears, a pink nose and cheeks. In the background is a mini wood fence with cut out flowers. Next to the bunny is a mini orange carrot.


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