Halloween Skull Candy Bowl

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Square feature photo of a Halloween skull bowl on an old wood crate filled with candy.

This Halloween Skull Candy Bowl was so fun to make!

I had a few trial and error moments putting it all together, mostly around what glue to use. I tried Loctite and later E6000 to glue the glass candle sticks together but ended up using a 2-part epoxy for a better hold. To glue the flexible plastic skulls to the foam circle base I used silicone-based glue.

Below are the step-by-step instructions and links to craft supplies.


  • Items I Bought at the Dollar Tree: three plastic skulls, two plastic skeleton hands, a large clear hard plastic serving bowl, two 3.4-inch glass candle sticks, 5-inch wide purple decorative floral mesh, silk Halloween flowers, and plastic spiders to decorate.
  • Felt – optional (to finish the bottom of the bowl)
  • GE GE500 Silicone 2+ Window and Door Caulk (to glue the skulls to foam core circle base)
  • Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy (to glue two glass candle sticks together)
  • Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive (to adhere purple mesh onto a clear hard plastic bowl)
  • Black Spray Paint that Bonds to Plastic
  • Rough grit sandpaper
  • Hot glue gun (to glue on spiders, skull hands, and other small decorations)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic gloves


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How to Make a Halloween Skull Candy Bowl in 5 Easy Steps

1. Use Gorilla Spray Adhesive to glue decorative mesh to your bowl:

Tips and Recommendations:

  • Gorilla Spray Adhesive is very sticky so I recommend wearing plastic gloves and definitely spraying outside where it’s well-ventilated.
  • Work with your bowl upside down to avoid getting glue on the inside.
  • In spots where the mesh will not lay flat, cut a slit in the mesh and glue it again. This takes a little sculpting but it will look great when it dries.
  • If you do get glue on the inside of your bowl use Goo-Gone and it will wipe away easily. Then carefully wash the inside of the bowl with soap and water to get rid of any residue.
Use Gorilla Spray Adhesive to glue the Purple Decorative Mesh as you wrap it around the plastic bowl. To finish, hot glue a piece of felt to the bottom of the bowl.
Use Gorilla Spray Adhesive to glue the Purple Decorative Mesh as you wrap it around the plastic bowl. To finish, hot glue a piece of felt to the bottom of the bowl.

2. Spray paint your plastic skulls, candle sticks, Skeleton Hands (not shown), and foam circle base

Use spray paint that adheres to plastic to paint the elements that make up the candy bowl. I also spray-painted plastic skeleton hands (not shown) that I found at DT and later added them as a finishing touch to the bowl.

Photo of skulls, candle holders and round foam core base spray painted black to make a Halloween Skull Candy Bowl.
Spray paint skulls, candle sticks, skeleton hands (not shown), and a round foam core to use as a base.


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3. Use Silicone glue to glue The base Elements

Use GE GE500 Silicone 2+ Window and Door Caulk to glue one candle stick to the center of the foam core base.

Photo showing silicone glue used to glue a candle stick to the base to make a Halloween Skull Candy Bowl.
Glue one candle stick to the foam base.

Next, silicone glue three skulls to the foam core base. Add a good amount of glue to the bottom and a dab of glue where the skulls touch the candle stick for added support.

Photo of skulls being glued with silicone glue to a foam base to make a DIY Halloween Candy Bowl.
Glue the skulls to the foam base.

4. Glue the Candles Sticks Together with Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy

Last, use a 2-part epoxy to glue the top candle stick on (upside down) basically candle top to candle top.

Just squeeze a little of the epoxy into a small disposable cup and mix with a popsicle stick (or something you can throw away) and apply to the top of the candle stick using the same stirring stick.

I recommend roughing up the painted surface with rough grit sandpaper first to help the bond.

Photo showing Gorilla Glue 2-Part Epoxy being squeezed into a small container to be mixed and applied to join two glass candlesticks to make the base for our DIY Halloween Candy Bowl.

5. Hot glue the skeleton hands to the bowl along with any decorations

Feature image of Halloween Skull Candy Bowl filled with candy set on a crate with branch and old white door in the background
Another photo of my finished Halloween candy bowl.
How to make a Halloween Skull Candy Bowl - Pinterest Pin to share.
Ok, time for a candy break! If you love this craft, Pin-It to your Pinterest Halloween Craft boards to come back to later.




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