Felt Gingerbread Ornaments – Free Template

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Square feature photo of three finished handmade felt gingerbread man ornaments.

Make these adorable felt gingerbread ornaments ahead of the holiday season to give as gifts to teachers, friends, family, or anyone on your gift list.

I hand-stitched these but if you’re short on time, you can still make this cute holiday craft! Check out the quick, simplified version below.


Short On Time?

Try a simplified version of this cute gingerbread craft. Just cut one gingerbread man (front only) out of thick felt using the Free Template in the supplies list above. Then hot glue buttons, felt for eyes and a mouth, and any other decorations on!

Simplified gingerbread man ornament made of felt shown with the free printable recipe gift card. This modified version of the ornament does not require sewing and you can use the same free template to make one even if you're short on time.

How to Make a Handsewn Felt Gingerbread Ornaments

Start by cutting out the gingerbread body – You’ll need to cut two for a front and a back.

Photo of the free pattern being cut out of thick light brown felt. Stick pins used to hold the pattern in place and fabric scissors next to it.
Use the free template to cut the body.

Sew the details onto the front. When cutting the zig-zag ribbon I recommend cutting it long enough to wrap around the back of the front piece of the body felt for a more finished edge.

Photo showing how to wrap white zig-zag ribbon around the feet and arms for a seamless look.
Hand-sew the zig-zag ribbon.
Photo showing three gingerbread people ornaments with the embellishments stitched to the front like buttons, eyes, mouth, bows and zig-zag ribbon. This is before the bodies are stitched all the way around and stuffing added.
Three Gingerbread Ornaments with details sewn on the front.

Next, sew the front and back of your gingerbread person together starting at the top using a running stitch (under-and-over stitch). Use white thread and don’t forget to sew ribbon or string into the top first!

Closeup process photo of hand stitching the ornament using an under-over stitch in white thread to sew up the body of the ornament. Stitching started at the top of the head where a red ribbon to hand the ornament by has been sewn in first.
Sew the Gingerbread Ornament together.

Add a little poly-fil stuffing before sewing closed.

Closeup process photo showing a gingerbread man being stuffed with a little poly-fil stuffing, ready to be stitched up.
Add a small amount of poly-fil stuffing to the body before sewing closed.

Finish with more decoration if you like, as I did with the scarf around the neck. Attach a No Molasses Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Gift Card (free pintable in the supplies list above) if plan to give it as a gift.

Photo of one of the ornament getting a red scarf stitched around it's neck as a last embellishment.
To finish add any additional decoration.
Vertical feature image, Pinterest pinnable or three finished gingerbread man felt ornaments, handstitched, shown on a white background with the free printable gingerbread cookie gift card at the top. They all have white felt eyes and mouth, white zig-zag ribbon on their arms and legs, and two buttons, red and green, on their tummy. One has a green ribbon bowtie, the second a red bow on her head with a felt candy cane in hand, the third has a red felt scarf around the neck.


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