Lucky Wine Cork Gnomes

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Closeup square feature image of three lucky wine cork gnomes on a white background.

If you have a few wine corks, make these cute Lucky Wine Cork Gnomes for St. Patrick’s Day.

These cute little gnomes make great gifts. I actually hang wine cork ornaments around wine bottles to give as gifts. The last ornaments I made were for Halloween and you can check those out here –> Ghost and Bat Cork Ornaments

Get all the details below on how to make them!

Lucky Cork Gnomes vertical image with two gnomes hanging on a wine bottle


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Supplies used to make Lucky Wine Cork Gnomes shown. Includes ribbon, shamrock buttons, orange faux fur, wine corks and green fabric.

How to Make Lucky Wine Cork Gnomes – 4 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Wrap The Cork

Start by hot gluing fabric or ribbon to cover your cork.

Use hot glue to glue ribbon or fabric around the cork.
Glue ribbon or fabric around the cork.

STEP 2: Make The Hat

Make a hat by cutting a scrap of fabric or wire ribbon about 2.5″ to 3″. Then round as shown below.

You’ll also need to hot glue a loop of twine to the inside to hang your gnome as shown below. Hot glue the twine ends along one of the straight sides.

Cut a scrap of fabric or wide wire ribbon in a 2.5" to 3" square. Then round it cutting off one of the corners like above. Next hot glue twine to the inside of your hat along one of the straight edges.
Making the hat.

Hot glue the edges together to finish the hat.

Finished gnome hat.

STEP 3: Make A Faux Fur Beard

Cut the faux fur beard. You only need a little scrap of the fur. Cut a triangle about an inch wide along the wrong side of your fabric making sure the faux fur is flowing downward.

Note: Do not use scissors to cut the beard because that will cut the fur along the edges which gives it a flowing beard look!

Cut a triangle our of the faux fur about an inch wide for the beard 
using a precision knife, not scissors. Make sure your fur is flowing downward to the point.
Making the beard.

STEP 4: Finish and Decorate

Hot glue the beard onto the wine cork first, then the hat, then a bead for the nose. Sew (or hot glue) a shamrock button to the top of the hat for decoration (optional).


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