Farmhouse-Style Easter Egg Wreath DIY

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Photo of a finished Farmhouse Style Easter Egg wreath. The wreath uses two wire wreath forms, Spanish moss and feature pastel painted plastic eggs.

Make this beautiful rustic Easter Egg Wreath using dollar-store plastic eggs, two-wire wreath forms, and pastel paint!

I made this farmhouse egg cage wreath for Spring using mostly Dollar Tree supplies. The paint I bought at Walmart and the wire I purchased on Amazon.

This wreath is easy to make. Painting the eggs was a little messy but I love how this wreath came out! I also painted a few extra eggs to use as vase filler.

As a finishing touch, I used wire ribbon from Dollar Tree, to make a bow. Decorate your wreath any way you like. This wreath would look great with a farmhouse Easter sign in the center or with a few floral accents.

Check out the steps and video below to learn how to make this fun spring wreath.


Easter Egg Wreath DIY – How-to Video



Photo of main supplies used to make a Farmhouse Easter Egg Wreath. Two 14.25 wreath rings, 12 large plastic Easter Eggs and spanish moss shown.
Dollar Tree supplies used to make this wreath

Painting the Eggs for Your Easter Egg Wreath

You’ll need 12 large (3-inch) plastic eggs. Separate the top and bottom to make them easier to paint.

Note: I used plastic Easter eggs. You will see a seam. This didn’t bother me but feel free to use wood or plaster of paris eggs if you prefer a more seamless look.

Photo of large plastic eggs in different bright colors. In the foreground is the white chalk paint and acrylic paints used to make pastel colors to paint DIY Eggs for a DIY Easter Egg Wreath.

For paint, I used white chalk paint mixed with a drop or two of acrylic paint to make pastel colors.

photo of plastic egg halves painted in three pastel colors, drying. Colors are pastel blue, cream and pale pink.
Painted eggs.

If you’d like to speckle your eggs, use an old toothbrush to flick brown paint onto them. I added a little water to brown acrylic paint to make a wash. This made it easier to flick paint off of the toothbrush. Assemble your eggs first if you want the speckles to line up.

Photo of a tooth brush and a brown wash used to make speckles on DIY plastic eggs. Eggs halves shown drying after being speckled.
Adding speckles to eggs.

How to Assemble The Wreath

Once dry, put all twelve eggs back together. If your plastic eggs pop open easily you may want to glue them together.

Add Spanish moss to the inside of one of the wreath rings and place the eggs on top. Then top with the second wreath ring.

Use wire to wire the two wreaths together (shown below). Securing with wire on four sides… top, bottom, left, and right.

Photo showing wire that connects two wreath frames together. Red circle calls out the wire placement on a finished Farmhouse-Style Easter Egg Wreath DIY.
Use wire to attach the two wreath rings.

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  1. Madi

    Do you have a tutorial on the bow? Or did you purchase it already made? Thank you!

  2. Connie

    Thanks for sharing this cute wreath idea. I love the version I created based on your tutorial. I glued wide, wire-edged ribbon to the bottom wreath form to give the moss something to stick to, then interspersed dollar tree carrots amongst the eggs for more color and visual interest. Finally, I hung it in tandem with a bunny/Easter egg sign I found at dollar tree.

    1. Dawn Stewart

      Hi Connie, such a great idea to add the carrots! Dollar Tree is always coming out with new things and I love this year’s spring selection. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Happy Easter!

  3. Bitsy

    Quick question. The dollar tree wreath forms do not fit together to fully enclose eggs. Is this ok? Just using wire will hold the in?

    1. Dawn Stewart

      Hi Bitsy! The two wire forms do not fully come together on the sides. The wire holds everything together.

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