Recycled Plastic Bag Friendship Bracelets

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Square feature image of two colorful recycled plastic bag friendship bracelets on a white background.

Grab a few plastic bags and let’s make some friendship bracelets.

This is a fun and easy craft that is great for teens and tweens to make to give to friends. And the best thing is, you probably already have all of the supplies to make them!

You can use this recycled plastic bag rope for anything. Here are a few other ideas for plastic bag rope:

  • Wrap in a circle to make coasters
  • Braid several together to make a jump rope
  • Add crystals and translucent beads and tie several strands to a wire hanger to make a suncatcher
  • Use it as a ribbon to decorate packages and gifts
  • Hot glue it around a mason jar to make a unique and colorful pencil holder
  • Weave a few together to make rope, it’s pretty strong!

To make plastic bag friendship bracelets, look around the house for a few different colors of plastic bags.

You can also add colorful beads or charms to your bracelets to make them unique and leave the ends as fringe tassels if you want.

The blue and red bracelet I made wraps five times around my wrist and measures about 43 inches long. Make your bracelets as long as you want to wrap them as many times as you’d like.

Also, I used wood beads with a wide hole (8mm or about a 1/4-inch) which are used for macrame. They worked perfectly as a sliding knot clasp and decoration.

Get the complete instructions below on how to make your own fun recycled plastic bag friendship bracelets.


  • Three colorful plastic bags
  • Scissors
  • Beads and charms (optional)
  • A bead with a wide hole (about 8mm or 1/4-inch) to make a sliding knot to clasp.


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How to Make Recycled Plastic Bag Friendship Bracelets


Flatten a plastic bag and cut 1.25-inch wide strips in a zig-zag pattern as shown to make one long continuous streamer of plastic bag.

Note: Do not cut all the way across the bag, leave 1.25-inches uncut on each side as shown above.

Recycled Plastic Bag Friendship Bracelets - Step 1 with measurements-min
Cut plastic bags in a zig-zag pattern.
Recycled Plastic Bag Friendship Bracelets - Step 1;A - cut plastic bags into strips
Shown are three plastic bags already cut and in different colors.


Knot the three bag strands together at the top. Then tightly braid the three plastic bags to make a rope as long as you would like. If one of the bag strands breaks while braiding, just work the part that broke back in and keep braiding. Cut any little pieces sticking out at the end.

Recycled Plastic Bag Friendship Bracelets - photo shows braiding plastic bag strips
Braid the three plastic bags together.


Use a bead with a wide hole and feed the ends of your bracelet (in opposite directions as shown) through to make a sliding knot so you can adjust and make your bracelet tighter or looser on your wrist.

Recycled Plastic Bag Friendship Bracelets - Step 3- sliding knot with a bead with a wide hole
Use a bead with a wide hole to make a sliding knot.
Recycled Plastic Bag Friendship Bracelets PIN2 - Vertical Pinterest Pin to share.
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