How to Make Scrapbooks Using Recycled Greeting Cards

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Closeup photo showing the cover to two handmade scrapbooks. The covers were made with different recycled greeting cards. One has a spring theme with flowers and a bicycle with a basket of flowers on the front next to a pretty birdhouse scene. The second scrapbook cover feature nautical elements like water, a compass and colorful sailboats. Both have been hold punched at at the binding with raffia and ribbon to bind the pages together.

Learn how to make scrapbooks using recycled greeting cards!

I didn’t realize how many pretty greeting cards I had. Some were given to me and others I’ve collected over time. If you have decorative envelopes, you can recycle those too. Cut them to size and use them as scrapbook paper inside.

Make a few to fill up later or to have on hand to give as gifts! These make great sunshine basket gifts or make mom a scrapbook for Mother’s Day. What mom wouldn’t love a beautiful book filled with poems, family photos, and maybe some original drawings?


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  • Greeting cards
  • Glue stick
  • Card stock (or lightweight cardboard like a shirt box)
  • A sharp precision knife
  • Color paper, scrap paper, and old envelopes for inside pages
  • Ribbon or string for binding
  • Hole punch

How to Make Scrapbooks – 4 Easy Steps


Start by looking through your greeting card stash and pull out a few of your favorites.

Assortment of miscellaneous greeting cards and decorative envelopes shown that will be recycled into new cover art for scrap books.
greeting cards


Cut a 9″ x 6″ front and back cover out of card stock. Then cut interior pages the same size. Cut and glue pieces from different cards to make a front and back cover.

Cover being made for a scrapbook by piecing and gluing cards with interesting images together to make a unique a cover.
Assemble the front and back covers.

Lightly score the cover so you can fold it back easily. Photo below…

Photo showing where to lightly score the spine of the cover and back cover so the scrapbook opens easily.
score cover


To hole punch the pages so you can tie everything together with a ribbon, take one interior page and mark where you want two holes along the binding. In my case, I have a 9″ x 6″ scrapbook so I made a pencil mark 1.25″ inches in from the edges.

Marking a sheet of paper that will serve as a template to hole punch all of the scrapbook paper pages.
Make a page to be a template for where to punch holes.


Next hole punch your template page and use it as a guide for the rest of the pages. I did a few pages at a time so this part went fast.

Recycled Greeting Card Scrap Books - hole punch all pages
Use the page you punched as a guide to punch holes in the rest of your inside pages.

Finish your book by tying together with a string or ribbon. Enjoy and start filling your new scrapbooks with memories!

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