Musical Bells Shovel Shakers

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Closeup square feature image holding four musical bell shove shakers.

Make these cute Musical Bells Shovel Shakers with your kids this summer out of colorful beach shovels.

I picked mine up at the dollar store along with a few craft supplies noted below.


These cute musical bell shovel shakers are easy to make. They require a little drilling and knotting by an adult but there’s plenty kids can do. My kids loved stringing the bells on and gluing down pom-poms and beads.

Let me know how yours come out and Happy Summer!

Please Note: This craft is made with small beads and bells and may be a choking hazard for little ones under six. 

Shovel Animals with Bells completed

Supplies You’ll Need:

– Drill
– Plastic shovels
– Pom-poms
– Bells
– Craft glue (that adheres to plastic)
– Colorful craft string
– Plastic lacing cord
– Beads
– Scissors
– Sharpie (black, fine tip)

How to make Musical Bells Shovel Shakers

Musical Bell Shovel Shakers instructions photo
  1. All: Cut the top of the shovel with scissors to resemble the cat, frog, bear or the cut-out for the dream catcher. The shovels we used came from the dollar store and easily cut with sharp scissors. I recommend an adult do the cutting and use curved cuts especially for the cat ears and top of the dream catcher to blunt. If you are concerned that your cut out is still too pointy, you can round more or add electrical tape (example: cats ears) to blunt.
  2. Frog & Cat: Drill holes for the eyes.
  3. Frog & Cat: Loosely string 2 bells on for eyes using plastic lacing cord.
  4. Frog: Use craft glue and glue 2 pom-poms where the eyes will be. Let the glue set a minute then secure the bells over the pom-poms by tying in the back.
  5. Frog: Draw a mouth and nose with a black, fine-tip sharpie.
  6. Bear: Drill a hole in each ear.
  7. Bear: Tie a bell on to each ear using plastic lacing cord.
  8. Bear: Glue 2 beads on for eyes and 2 pom-poms on for the nose.
  9. Dream Catcher: Drill 8 holes as shown.
  10. Dream Catcher: Weave plastic lacing cord with 4-5 bells and beads through the holes in a random pattern tying in the back.
  11. All: Finish by wrapping the handle with colorful craft string and tying 4-5 bells onto the handle (optional).
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