Framed Pom Pom Art DIY

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Square photo of three framed pop pom art with colorful pom poms around on a white background.

Make adorable Framed Pom Pom Art to brighten a nursery or child’s playroom!

I found frames at the dollar store and just loved the beaded hanger at the top. The frames I found had sayings on them but I knew I could cover that up.

After I found the frames I went on a hunt for pastel pom poms. I know you can make them but I really wanted to keep things simple. I bought a bag of 200 pom poms online that had a mix of bright and pastel colors. Here’s a link to them if you’d like to check it out.

Back to the frame. My frames are 5 3/4″ square with about a 4 1/2″ image area. Use any frame you like. I do recommend a frame with deep sides and removing any glass front, you won’t need it.

You can also add a beaded handle of your own using screw eyes and twine or wire. I did this for another project to make beaded handles for a tray, you can check out how to do that in my post: How to Make a Wine Cork Tray Using a Stretched Canvas.

This is a really fun, easy craft and there are only a few craft supplies needed, so let’s get started…


  • Small frames
  • White paper (or any paper you chose for your background)
  • A glue stick
  • Pom poms
  • Hot glue gun

How to Make Framed Pom Pom Art

Start by removing the backs from the picture frames and any glass.

The backs of mine were chipboard and there was no glass. I just flipped the chipboard over to a clean side and used a glue stick to apply my textured white paper.

Work on the background for your Framed Pom Pom Art first. Start by removing the backs from the picture frames and any glass. The backs of mine were chip board and there was no glass. I just flipped the chip board over to a clean side and using a glue stick to cover with textured white paper.
Remove the backs from the frame and add a white paper background.

Next, reassemble the frame and place your pom poms in any pattern you choose, hearts, stars, randomly. Note: The pom poms in my bag were a bit flat so I rolled them in my hands to puff them up before placing them in my design!

Framed-Pom-Pom-Art-PIN1 - Vertical Pinterest Pin to share.

Once you have the design the way you like it, hot glue the pom poms down one at a time, putting them back into place. I worked from the outer edges inward. That’s it, hang up and enjoy!


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